About Me

My name is Caitlin and I'm a self-taught photographer based in the South West of England.

Besides photography, animals have always been my biggest passion. It seemed only right that I brought both of these passions together to produce lasting memories for owners to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Growing up I had a small household of pets ranging from rabbits to horses. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by close friends in the equestrian industry which gave me the starting point for my photography.

As a photographer I have experience photographing the simplest of landscapes as well as some involvement in studio set ups and modelling shoots. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with a range of creatives but it's within the last year that I have really found my niche in the photography world; photographing pets.

Photography is more than just an image or art form, it's a form of speech that everyone around the world can understand and relate to. There are no language barriers nor need to Google and translate words.

My Mission

Animals provide all of us with unconditional love and I tailor each and every one of my shoots to individually suit the owner and animal; from the location and down to the finest details, such as accessories.

Every shoot I offer comes with a range of options starting with digital copies of your images and including the production of prints, canvases, photo albums or personalised goods.

I love to travel and can offer this as part of my photography packages. No matter where you are in the UK there is always the option for you to have a professional photo shoot of your pet!

What I Do

My mission is to capture and freeze moments that are most precious to your heart. By taking a narrative approach to my work I am able to produce high quality portraiture that tells the story for every individual viewing the images. Character and personality are the heart of every image and from that I intend to create high quality images that will last for generations.

Browse the site to see the style of photography I provide and do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.

As Pythagoras said 'animals share with us privilege of having a soul' time with these souls will be forever be precious.

Book your shoot with me today to capture these precious moments.